Te Hiku Film Festival 2023

The movies have been played on the big screen at the Te Ahu Cinema in Kaitaia on Wednesday 13 September 2023. These are the lucky movies to be chosen from our school. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this movie. Please click on the link to view other Manaiakalani Film Festival movies. Please enjoy and feel free to leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment below for the students.

Worm Hunting


The other day we went our with one of our junior classes on a worm hunt. We were finding worms to feed to our class axolotl ‘popcorn’. It was fun to get muddy and Popcorn really enjoyed eating fresh live worms from the paddock. It helps to have paddocks on our school property!

Our school production – ùkaipò

In week 8 our school performed our school production for our grandparents, parents, whanau and comunity members. Two of our teachers wrote the story of a boy who grows up in Australia, and then comes home to New Zealand to visit his Nanny and learn about where he comes from, and what it means to be a kiwi. Each class in our school prepared an item to teach the boy about kiwi history, kiwiana, and what you need to know to be a kiwi. Every child in our school got to be on stage and perform!

Our class looked at Footrot Flats, and decided to sing ‘Slice of heaven’ for our item. It was fun to dress up in costume, get face paint, and learn our dance.

Nikau Class – All about us!

We are a year 7 class in Oruaiti School. This is in the far north of New Zealand. Most of us live in rural settings. We have lots of farmers in our community. We have just finished our school production Úkaipò’. We have a class pet axolotl called Popcorn. We are currently building chicken coops we designed so our school can have pet chickens. Thank you for visiting our class blog. We look forward to posting more about each of the above topics, and more that we are exploring and learning about in class.


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